doctors vs bible

my mom wants to take me to get my whole bodily system checked tomarrow.I told her I dont care about sickness because Christ took care of that.She called me immature.I called her Biblically immature.It says in my Bible "by His stripes we were healed".Which scripture I stood on to heal myself when i was in a coma 3 weeks ER bedrest 3 mos couldnt walk/talk(trake)/or even eat.I had to shit on myself 2 or 3 times a day b/c I was too weak to even use a bedpan.I was on total life support at one time.Finally I kept thinking about Smith Wigglesworth (a famous faith healer in the 60's i think) who got sick and someone came into the hospital & healed Him.But I got tired of waiting so I stepped out in faith and even though I couldnt lay on 1 side longer than 5 mins w/o harsh pain i got up and walked on my own (no walker!!) to the nurses station and the next day a quarter mile through another hospital and came home.Im just sayin Im blind to everything but what it says in my Bible.Doctors study sickness (evidence of satan) yet they never seem to find him.They are supposed to be so smart but not many of them are called.

my story is phenominal

my story is phinominal.I was in the NAVY and was severly sleep deporvated and forced to stay awake in class as my head ltierally hit the sesk.I was forced to stand @ the back ov da room n fear crept into my mind.Later I was hearing voices in my head and one of them said "trust me" & althogh it seemed impossable i did.the voices went away i felt so safe and cried n cried.But satan wanted to take me out so they surrounded me one day after hours and kept asking me many things.then they took me to a psych ward and forced meto take medicine that really fucked with my mind.It was like I had to learn everyhting all over.well years (a little over a decade) later after spending 4 years locked up in Eastern State mental hospital (which I excaped from 3 times) I went to St Simons hospital to git on tha right meds.WWWWWWell I was having trouble breathing at night so I would go sit in the activity/leasure room and slleep in a chair.then I got in a fight and that day (whooped his ass) or the next the staff came at me with a horse needle so I hit the biggest one.he went down then we wrestled and they got me own and i was still pullin on his dreads so they shot me up with something else instead.It was like my face hit the floor.I saw hell and said "no I dont wasnt to go there" then I staerted seeing pot leaved everywhere and wanted to go there but came back to reality and the king Himself with (in the form of nother body) and His son were RIGHT THERE to picck me up!!To make a long stor short I was put on a breather and when I stabilized they sent me to Marine Recon bootcamp!I came back in a comea and when I woke up my Father wus righ there holding my hand and I had a trake in my throat and knew I would never rap again.But I heard a small voice say "you will have a better voice" & although I didnt believe Him I am back in da game HARDER!!It was tereerrable at first I had to shit on myself and be bathed.I felt so alone.Hard nights long days.when I was not gitting better the nurses got together with bridman and brought me upstairs out of the ER by faith then to another rehab hospital.One day after about a week of rehab I knew what the bible says about how Jesus tok"stripes for our healing" so my cripple a$$ got up and began to walk and I walked all the way to the nurses station and the next day all the way to a juriactric psych ward but my mom popped (my legal guardian :) ) (saved me from many jails and hospitals) & even though I want to be free and party every night she has kept me safe and I think as s he trusts me more things will lighten up a bit.right now it seems like the beter i git the stricter she gits but now I have a purple heart and when I was flying back from MIAMI they tried tio mark off part of the plain i ws in the pit and they blew open the door and i thought they (my twins) were gone (I cant even breathe) but I looked out the window n no shit Jesus Himself holding my father & my two kids and holding onto the wing of the jet I could see them perfectly!!Well now im home safe & still pushin heat


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better than the rest

I dont follow any of the standards of the hop artists of today.I just make beats that I find entertaining because I DONT LIKE THEIR BEATS!!!I THINK THEY BORING.So when you hear a lot going on in my beats give it a sec n u might agree with the 60.5 MIL fans that I've reached on social media alone that my shit ant just different its great and amazing and MORE ENTERTAINING than the rest.

Love & respect ~ Apac

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short new bio

Went to war straight out of Marine Ricon bootcamp woke up from a coma with amnesia.Breif memories of driving and even looking down the barrel of an enemy tank!!I remember healing people and raising them from the dead on the frontlines hence "FRONTLINES" the title of the LP which includes the video above.I was placed in the ER couldnt walk or talk and I reached down and touched my neck and I had a "non speakable" trake.At that moment I knew I would never rap again.But a small voice told me I would have an "even greater voice".I was awarded the rank of General and given a purple heart for bravery.Right after bootcamp I hit tha beach in Miami with one of my Ricon buddies and fell deeply in love with his sister.The rest is in these rhymes!!Pick up "FRONTLINES" here on Itunes
& my UPDATED site>>>>BEST NEW EVERYTHING from fya hop to free quality beats & even PROPHESY archives!!Much love respect strength and honor from yours truly -Apac

Injured over there was on a breather had a trake cut!CAME BACK HARDER!

i was in & out of the hospital 3 mos.I was on a breather and other machines.I was fed through tubes and couldnt even use a bedpan.Later on I was in a coma 3 weeks.Shit even when transferred out of ICU I could barely use a walker.At 1 point I found it hard to even push the button to call the nurse.Nurses fought for my life everyday.I had a trake cut so I could breathe.I thought I would never rap again.After they got me off the breather in the 1st hospital & recovered they sent me to Marine Recon boot camp & sent me OVER THERE WTF?!Thats when I got injured I think.its all kind of hazy.But I do remember flashes of driving a tank!!NOW i'M BACK!CHECK THIS OUT! "FRONTLINES" (cover art designed by myself) #neverboughtabeat #unsignedhype #LIVIN ALSO CHECK OUT PLEASE IF U FIND IT INTERESTING OR ENTERTAINING IN ANY WAY LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE!COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! MUCH LOVE ~Apac :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

letter to my fans Good fortune to all my 50 million fans I have reached on social media alone and more!!I was in ST Aug FL a few weeks ago and a waitress heard me rapping the beginning of "no regrets" and she said "Ive heard that song before" !!Which is awesome because St Aug is 5 hrs away from my home LOL.Then I was @ outback 2 weeks ago passing out singles of my newest cut "Kingdom Fantasy" (which I had to git the distortion out of you could only hear it with amplified subs) now I have all these cd's with the distortion on the first song.should i sell them give them away or throw them away??Anyway the manager had me sign the disc to his best friend who was getting married that day.He said it was "more than a coincidence" that I came in that night and even quoted "if u c da cops" LMWAO hope his friend dosent have subs!!A billboard rapper said they dont like me cause I make better beats than them and I only have a home studio. lol HA!hate on.Dont git mad.Git glad! how is everyone?I have 4,000 fans on here and climbing.Got me a lil name they calling me "Pac" which I dont mind.Even though there already is one!I'd have to live up 2 that one !Check out 2pac's return on my site love yall thanks for all the positive thanks for listening thanks for becoming a fan! peace & love ~Lou "Apac" Smyth

baby fox story

I had one of these when i was a kid.I saw it in a hole in the ground in the side of a field I set a live trap & some rosst beef.the next day it was there! but as I began walking away I heard a yaaowl!!! over and over in the distance.Then I saw the mother fox sprinting out of the woods.I was a little far off and my instincts took over all I could think v was dropping down on all fours and grouling loud as I could.She sat on a stump & watched me Take the baby away.I'd always wanted a fox but this cub was tame.bit me while i was feeding her and would bark all within a week I took her home.imm she ran back into her hole and this is so funny she came back out and took one last look at me and ran back into the hole!I hope that "human scent" thing dosent apply to foxes LOL.I was a woodsman growing up.Spent an equivelent of years in the woods weather it was riding my dirtbike looking for snakes or just damning up a creek.peace yall.

bio #2

<<>> My name is ARMAGEDDON.I found it on a rock!So I use Apac for short.If u look at Tupac's chest you'll see "Apac" tattoo'd on his left pec!This album has all of my best new tracks mastered to perfection. Sage Audio really helped me make this 1 perfect!Every song is crystal clear and the bass is low and solid.U can feel the power weather you have an amp or just reg 6x9's.But if u do have subs u can turn them up louder and the professional mastering makes it like a bass tape!The lyrics are very clever.Was contacted by def jam three times but I heard a still small voice tell me to "wait for Kanye" but only some of my songs are Christian songs.Listen & enjoy!pick up a track!only .99 mp3's! dont be afraid of new music.Just because Im not in Best Buy dosen't mean I'm not the best guy!! I break all curses off my music in Jesus Name

respect the artist buy the music

take a little time to visit my new LP dropped yesterday "Drug of Choice" its like if u want to play a quick game of pacman or Tetris or watch trin on her Ducati or Troy fight or Fetty or I got the boy or Nas git down while you are there or read a passionate blog a free spiritual reading that could be about YOUR LIFE (tons of em) art new mixtapes internet radio links bio and of course FIRE HIPHOP & even pick up a few FREE BEATS?? .99mp3's you wont believe the power & creativity I've put into these new tracks.People are willing to pay 5$ for a cup of coffee that cost pennies to make is gone after 1 use but people dont pay 1$ for a song that costs thousands to record can be used over & over & took years of practice to create and lasts a lifetime?!RESPECT THE ARTIST BUY THE MUSIC!!!

1 soul saved is worth a lifetime of suffering

When I was in the NAVY I felt like a friend of mine had a control spirit.I called her seven times and finally she renounced it.I got so happy that I walked out on the flight deck without a helmet.I approached an aircraft and said to God "God if this is you (I wasn't surrendered yet) please turn this machine on" it was called a huffer,a blowing machine used to start the f14's.Right then the guy in the cockpit yelled to me "hey turn on the huffer".So I felt like i was on the right track.Then the guy's helmet flashed from His name to the name "ried" right before one of the guys in my squadron named reid came up from behind to warn me about missing muster.(a meeting).Well I felt so free that I said fuck it.And walcked down the deck and they sent some goons after me but I outran them.I went to another squadron and started preaching to people.One guy gave His life to the Lord.Since then I have been to hospital & hospital jail to jail because they cornered me later on that day and took me to the psych ward and gave me medication that shouldnt be fed to goats "zyprexa" it will turn you into a zombie.You wont even recognize your own face in the mirror & you open brain communication with God will be broken & It will take a long time to get it back & I still wonder if it really even is.I even fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a guy & His kid. luckily I was moving slowly tho.But you know what I just thought of and what inspired me to write this blog?even though I have won billions of souls, that 1 soul was worth a lifetime of suffering."Its gonna be worth it.Its gonna be worth it all" ~ rita Springer

some solid evidence of the existence of Christ

 heres some proof for yall.I was sitting in the back of a girls car right?My boy (a black gentlemen) whom I had just raised from a wheelchair on the side of the road in the name of Jesus,was in the front seat,she was taking us to get some gas cause we had run out.Well I said to her what I always used to say to win souls "Jesus is Lord" because in the bible it says & this is easy to understand, "If any man says with His mouth that Jesus is Lord & believes in His heart that God rose Him He shall be saved" & she replied "Jesus is dead with with maggots coming out of His eyes & worms coming out of His belly" & all the hairs on my arms stood up.It was Satan himself speaking through her.I've had several encounters with satan himself.I looked at her in the rearview and said again "Jesus is Lord" & she smiled & said "Jesus IS Lord".The LORD opened Her eyes.She Turned into a different person.She got real happy and real intellegent.I have MANY stories like this.Many people ask me "why didnt anyone tell me?"Well Im tellin you now.Jesus loveS you.Get BORN!We need you on our team.Do you want to be a warrior?Do you want to rule the earth?Do you want to do away with the misconceptions of the world and embrace the truth that SHALL set u free?REPENT!!& BELIEVE>KNOW THAT U R LOVED.Im teling you right now from the bottom of my heart that I love you & so does Christ.It wont be long.Could be any day now.He will come like a thief in the better be ready when He comes.Im out.

the truth about the confederate flag

The confederate flag stands for freedom.Chris Columbus & His men searched for a new land to be Christians freely without being told how to worship God.Even the Bible is against slavery."those who lead into captivity shall go into captivity" the southern states are called "the Bible belt".The confederate flag flew in the southern states during a time when slavery was thought of as a way of life.The slaves fought hard in many ways and won their freedom and I am glad.But that didnt mean they had to bitch about the flag.Celebrate freedom.The Flag Stands for it.And if we are going to take down that flag which stands for freedom,we might as well take down the American flag and hang the white one."God bless America".Well I say "America bless God".We should all be rebels against the ways of this world and embrace God's true freedom because we and all true Christians have are and will fight for it.And Christopher Stagner I would think twice about bitch slapping me. Amen.

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