1 soul saved is worth a lifetime of suffering

When I was in the NAVY I felt like a friend of mine had a control spirit.I called her seven times and finally she renounced it.I got so happy that I walked out on the flight deck without a helmet.I approached an aircraft and said to God "God if this is you (I wasn't surrendered yet) please turn this machine on" it was called a huffer,a blowing machine used to start the f14's.Right then the guy in the cockpit yelled to me "hey turn on the huffer".So I felt like i was on the right track.Then the guy's helmet flashed from His name to the name "ried" right before one of the guys in my squadron named reid came up from behind to warn me about missing muster.(a meeting).Well I felt so free that I said fuck it.And walcked down the deck and they sent some goons after me but I outran them.I went to another squadron and started preaching to people.One guy gave His life to the Lord.Since then I have been to hospital & hospital jail to jail because they cornered me later on that day and took me to the psych ward and gave me medication that shouldnt be fed to goats "zyprexa" it will turn you into a zombie.You wont even recognize your own face in the mirror & you open brain communication with God will be broken & It will take a long time to get it back & I still wonder if it really even is.I even fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a guy & His kid. luckily I was moving slowly tho.But you know what I just thought of and what inspired me to write this blog?even though I have won billions of souls, that 1 soul was worth a lifetime of suffering."Its gonna be worth it.Its gonna be worth it all" ~ rita Springer

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