baby fox story

I had one of these when i was a kid.I saw it in a hole in the ground in the side of a field I set a live trap & some rosst beef.the next day it was there! but as I began walking away I heard a yaaowl!!! over and over in the distance.Then I saw the mother fox sprinting out of the woods.I was a little far off and my instincts took over all I could think v was dropping down on all fours and grouling loud as I could.She sat on a stump & watched me Take the baby away.I'd always wanted a fox but this cub was tame.bit me while i was feeding her and would bark all within a week I took her home.imm she ran back into her hole and this is so funny she came back out and took one last look at me and ran back into the hole!I hope that "human scent" thing dosent apply to foxes LOL.I was a woodsman growing up.Spent an equivelent of years in the woods weather it was riding my dirtbike looking for snakes or just damning up a creek.peace yall.

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