bio #2

<<>> My name is ARMAGEDDON.I found it on a rock!So I use Apac for short.If u look at Tupac's chest you'll see "Apac" tattoo'd on his left pec!This album has all of my best new tracks mastered to perfection. Sage Audio really helped me make this 1 perfect!Every song is crystal clear and the bass is low and solid.U can feel the power weather you have an amp or just reg 6x9's.But if u do have subs u can turn them up louder and the professional mastering makes it like a bass tape!The lyrics are very clever.Was contacted by def jam three times but I heard a still small voice tell me to "wait for Kanye" but only some of my songs are Christian songs.Listen & enjoy!pick up a track!only .99 mp3's! dont be afraid of new music.Just because Im not in Best Buy dosen't mean I'm not the best guy!! I break all curses off my music in Jesus Name

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