doctors vs bible

my mom wants to take me to get my whole bodily system checked tomarrow.I told her I dont care about sickness because Christ took care of that.She called me immature.I called her Biblically immature.It says in my Bible "by His stripes we were healed".Which scripture I stood on to heal myself when i was in a coma 3 weeks ER bedrest 3 mos couldnt walk/talk(trake)/or even eat.I had to shit on myself 2 or 3 times a day b/c I was too weak to even use a bedpan.I was on total life support at one time.Finally I kept thinking about Smith Wigglesworth (a famous faith healer in the 60's i think) who got sick and someone came into the hospital & healed Him.But I got tired of waiting so I stepped out in faith and even though I couldnt lay on 1 side longer than 5 mins w/o harsh pain i got up and walked on my own (no walker!!) to the nurses station and the next day a quarter mile through another hospital and came home.Im just sayin Im blind to everything but what it says in my Bible.Doctors study sickness (evidence of satan) yet they never seem to find him.They are supposed to be so smart but not many of them are called.


ahuemk May 12, 2018 @07:24 am
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