letter to my fans

www.therealapac.com Good fortune to all my 50 million fans I have reached on social media alone and more!!I was in ST Aug FL a few weeks ago and a waitress heard me rapping the beginning of "no regrets" and she said "Ive heard that song before" !!Which is awesome because St Aug is 5 hrs away from my home LOL.Then I was @ outback 2 weeks ago passing out singles of my newest cut "Kingdom Fantasy" (which I had to git the distortion out of you could only hear it with amplified subs) now I have all these cd's with the distortion on the first song.should i sell them give them away or throw them away??Anyway the manager had me sign the disc to his best friend who was getting married that day.He said it was "more than a coincidence" that I came in that night and even quoted "if u c da cops" LMWAO hope his friend dosent have subs!!A billboard rapper said they dont like me cause I make better beats than them and I only have a home studio. lol HA!hate on.Dont git mad.Git glad! how is everyone?I have 4,000 fans on here and climbing.Got me a lil name they calling me "Pac" which I dont mind.Even though there already is one!I'd have to live up 2 that one !Check out 2pac's return on my site www.therealapac.com love yall thanks for all the positive feedback.thatsmythguy@hotmail.com thanks for listening thanks for becoming a fan! peace & love ~Lou "Apac" Smyth

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