my story is phenominal

my story is phinominal.I was in the NAVY and was severly sleep deporvated and forced to stay awake in class as my head ltierally hit the sesk.I was forced to stand @ the back ov da room n fear crept into my mind.Later I was hearing voices in my head and one of them said "trust me" & althogh it seemed impossable i did.the voices went away i felt so safe and cried n cried.But satan wanted to take me out so they surrounded me one day after hours and kept asking me many things.then they took me to a psych ward and forced meto take medicine that really fucked with my mind.It was like I had to learn everyhting all over.well years (a little over a decade) later after spending 4 years locked up in Eastern State mental hospital (which I excaped from 3 times) I went to St Simons hospital to git on tha right meds.WWWWWWell I was having trouble breathing at night so I would go sit in the activity/leasure room and slleep in a chair.then I got in a fight and that day (whooped his ass) or the next the staff came at me with a horse needle so I hit the biggest one.he went down then we wrestled and they got me own and i was still pullin on his dreads so they shot me up with something else instead.It was like my face hit the floor.I saw hell and said "no I dont wasnt to go there" then I staerted seeing pot leaved everywhere and wanted to go there but came back to reality and the king Himself with (in the form of nother body) and His son were RIGHT THERE to picck me up!!To make a long stor short I was put on a breather and when I stabilized they sent me to Marine Recon bootcamp!I came back in a comea and when I woke up my Father wus righ there holding my hand and I had a trake in my throat and knew I would never rap again.But I heard a small voice say "you will have a better voice" & although I didnt believe Him I am back in da game HARDER!!It was tereerrable at first I had to shit on myself and be bathed.I felt so alone.Hard nights long days.when I was not gitting better the nurses got together with bridman and brought me upstairs out of the ER by faith then to another rehab hospital.One day after about a week of rehab I knew what the bible says about how Jesus tok"stripes for our healing" so my cripple a$$ got up and began to walk and I walked all the way to the nurses station and the next day all the way to a juriactric psych ward but my mom popped (my legal guardian :) ) (saved me from many jails and hospitals) & even though I want to be free and party every night she has kept me safe and I think as s he trusts me more things will lighten up a bit.right now it seems like the beter i git the stricter she gits but now I have a purple heart and when I was flying back from MIAMI they tried tio mark off part of the plain i ws in the pit and they blew open the door and i thought they (my twins) were gone (I cant even breathe) but I looked out the window n no shit Jesus Himself holding my father & my two kids and holding onto the wing of the jet I could see them perfectly!!Well now im home safe & still pushin heat


 to follow


Sydney February 09, 2017 @03:22 pm
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