respect the artist buy the music

take a little time to visit my new LP dropped yesterday "Drug of Choice" its like if u want to play a quick game of pacman or Tetris or watch trin on her Ducati or Troy fight or Fetty or I got the boy or Nas git down while you are there or read a passionate blog a free spiritual reading that could be about YOUR LIFE (tons of em) art new mixtapes internet radio links bio and of course FIRE HIPHOP & even pick up a few FREE BEATS?? .99mp3's you wont believe the power & creativity I've put into these new tracks.People are willing to pay 5$ for a cup of coffee that cost pennies to make is gone after 1 use but people dont pay 1$ for a song that costs thousands to record can be used over & over & took years of practice to create and lasts a lifetime?!RESPECT THE ARTIST BUY THE MUSIC!!!

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