short new bio

Went to war straight out of Marine Ricon bootcamp woke up from a coma with amnesia.Breif memories of driving and even looking down the barrel of an enemy tank!!I remember healing people and raising them from the dead on the frontlines hence "FRONTLINES" the title of the LP which includes the video above.I was placed in the ER couldnt walk or talk and I reached down and touched my neck and I had a "non speakable" trake.At that moment I knew I would never rap again.But a small voice told me I would have an "even greater voice".I was awarded the rank of General and given a purple heart for bravery.Right after bootcamp I hit tha beach in Miami with one of my Ricon buddies and fell deeply in love with his sister.The rest is in these rhymes!!Pick up "FRONTLINES" here on Itunes
& my UPDATED site>>>>BEST NEW EVERYTHING from fya hop to free quality beats & even PROPHESY archives!!Much love respect strength and honor from yours truly -Apac
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