some solid evidence of the existence of Christ

 heres some proof for yall.I was sitting in the back of a girls car right?My boy (a black gentlemen) whom I had just raised from a wheelchair on the side of the road in the name of Jesus,was in the front seat,she was taking us to get some gas cause we had run out.Well I said to her what I always used to say to win souls "Jesus is Lord" because in the bible it says & this is easy to understand, "If any man says with His mouth that Jesus is Lord & believes in His heart that God rose Him He shall be saved" & she replied "Jesus is dead with with maggots coming out of His eyes & worms coming out of His belly" & all the hairs on my arms stood up.It was Satan himself speaking through her.I've had several encounters with satan himself.I looked at her in the rearview and said again "Jesus is Lord" & she smiled & said "Jesus IS Lord".The LORD opened Her eyes.She Turned into a different person.She got real happy and real intellegent.I have MANY stories like this.Many people ask me "why didnt anyone tell me?"Well Im tellin you now.Jesus loveS you.Get BORN!We need you on our team.Do you want to be a warrior?Do you want to rule the earth?Do you want to do away with the misconceptions of the world and embrace the truth that SHALL set u free?REPENT!!& BELIEVE>KNOW THAT U R LOVED.Im teling you right now from the bottom of my heart that I love you & so does Christ.It wont be long.Could be any day now.He will come like a thief in the better be ready when He comes.Im out.

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