the truth about the confederate flag

The confederate flag stands for freedom.Chris Columbus & His men searched for a new land to be Christians freely without being told how to worship God.Even the Bible is against slavery."those who lead into captivity shall go into captivity" the southern states are called "the Bible belt".The confederate flag flew in the southern states during a time when slavery was thought of as a way of life.The slaves fought hard in many ways and won their freedom and I am glad.But that didnt mean they had to bitch about the flag.Celebrate freedom.The Flag Stands for it.And if we are going to take down that flag which stands for freedom,we might as well take down the American flag and hang the white one."God bless America".Well I say "America bless God".We should all be rebels against the ways of this world and embrace God's true freedom because we and all true Christians have are and will fight for it.And Christopher Stagner I would think twice about bitch slapping me. Amen.

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