you tie your old man.2 christians.did u surrender?Someone needs a vacation.the beach calling.wen i lved in myrtle beach I was working at JC Penny and I was goping through a bad depression.So I bought a summer pass to the waterpark and hit the biggest curviest pipe @ least 1 time b4 work and goddamn was it a help.try it if u can!some of you feel like you r lazy thats okay.Its okay to BE lazy.Dont be afraid to be yourself."Love God and do as u please" - St Francis of Assissi aPAC is getting more and more successful!Buy some tracks!Hell you buy coffee!thats all for now.



God bless you all who reads this with wealth and favor!!


soon police will raid our homes with masks and guns trying to steal our guns and cellphones and bibles the things we have a RIGHT to own.But good cops will come with them.U will know the difference.form groups and stick together.Its going to be a wild ride!Some will be transported to other planets because they cnat fight or they're too weak to fight or run.You must choose.The battle is coming to your doorstep.Do not be afraid the Lord is with you and if you dont know Him I suggest you seek Him out.thats all for today.




what can touch us?Someone sent me a piece yesterday on Facebook about peace on earth for 100 years wheather it will be 100 or 1,000 the bible says 1,000 but mabey the time has come.But whats with those huge rocks that are stacked on top of each other 1 of the 7 or watever when r those dudes coming back?Mabey God did that as a last reminder to people who dont seem to want to believe.Well heres todays reading.Someone is bulletproof even.I saw bullets thats what I git out of that.Some big guy just repented.Mabey a German.Mabey your from Bahn Germany and no one there really knows about Christ.Well the Apostle Paul who wro wrote 7 odd books of the bible spent 7 years alone with God before even starting to preach so no pressure bud.Took some seed planting (people showing love) so go thank them & fellowship with them.this could apply to anyone anywhere.Yall in Texas I just saw "Texas" & it made me think of the "bheader machine" dont worry little ones He's seen it all.Nothing new can come along and steal ETERNAL LIFE away from us.BELIEVE TO FREEDOM!!

new truth for yall

okay someone feels lonely but your not alone.not even close.there are so many more like you.You just have to open up in order to find them.I saw a pineapple cut in half.reminds me of the coacoanut on cast away and how alone he musi have felt.Hit up the T place if u really want a change.there were two rivers in a sermon (my fav sermon) but there is another river!!Cancer is gone along with chemothreepy.Who knows what they' doin to bring it back.But who cares two.Beast gone.We can live normal lives now.Tayswift Fran Nathan Jim Ill brawl beside yall any day.War bring peace so let soak it up!!This was the real battle.Praise to the God who was and is and is forever.Adam chose sin Jesus diddnt they were both created rigteous adam listened to satan through His wife Jesus said no to him in fasting.Was donr is done long live the king!!May He be forever praised!!


dom git some sidedkurtz for yo comaro.Someone is looking for a son they had long time back.Hes not that far away!Hit the gym like NOW if u want that summer body yall!mabey someone in poarticular.To be a little person.Little people can handle great responsiblity.U may say "who wants responsiability?"well if u can handle it its no pressure at all.Someone who just stumbled into money or has acquired great wealth wants to know how to make a difference in the world.Ask Rihanna & Taylor Swift.Limit your time.Spend time lovin yourself make time for those u love Amy out


somebody is out of work.you have a law degree but the opportunities just arent there.keep pushing!My friends dad had to work @papa Johns to support his family when he was in his fifties!So dont pass up any job.Git money any way u can.Soon the pieces wil come otgether and the picture will be beautiful again.Someone is struggling about self esteem issues.People (in general) say He/she has low self esteem".Mabey u dont have self esteem at all!Self esteem is Gods gift.I just aquired it recently!Wear your blue dress hey i decided it for you!dont trade that truck in jack it up!!Make sure to put God first and one thing and no flout rainbow trout you arre beautiful inside and out you are the apple of His eye!The end is really the beginning to the rest of yall GIT BORN!!Scope your pumpkin & smash ya.talk to the president instead of dissing him if u didnt want him to win & your ideas r better why didnt u run?Cash comin your way 30$ or 3,000$ FLY amy


someone is lonley friends r coiming just said a little prayer.Someone is unsatisfried with they job could be worse beats.... your last job.

Someone is buildong a home studio.do so be sure u soundproof before adding ANYTHING b/c they have to build a "room Inside a room" u can git powered speakers or a nice amp I go with Cerwin Vegas they the best.Get a job @ outback they r nice and they dont require as much.The fight is on Jesus came to bring a sword.See a shoe shoot on site.Ask questions later.The beach is coming!!March means "march ot the beach!Be sure to be greatful for everyhting u got dont worry bout wat u ant got n ull have more peace ~peace


somebody is living in a self-imposed cage/u con never be 2 careful/nut God is a nice Lion not a tame 1.live a little.hang out with friends.Do things that make you happy.Cliffdive.bungeejump.skydive.learn something new and fun.break out that old nintendo enen the bible is full of good and interesting stories even htough it has a bad rep.go out and party just remember to stay sute!you're beautiful in your way 

mar `1 2017

your childhood hobby will become your dreams and follow them through adveristy & they will become your lifestyle.take even the opportunities that dont seem right at first and may seem uncomfortable.Just think "will I like this if I perfected it,like in the future?Someone seems to be going nowhere in life but realy your climbing a mountain.not straight up and down but around and around.So take a moment and look at how far youve come (a good look) and you'll see that "its the climb" even.Dont despise small beginnings.Eaasey come easy go.Hope this helps.



somebody in fla or hollywood is wondering when they will meet they sig other (wife/husb) n God says "your besstie is still a frog.But He is sending someone into your life to kind of "babysit" so HOLD ON FOR THE RIDE to the love of your life dont worry about it gettting weired God is in control.When I was batteling gird (stomach acid) i choked up so much I almost died.Then i saw the streets of gold beneath my feet!Someones career is soon going to jump from silver to gold in an instant of time.Dont be afraid of death.Everyone dies or as the princess says to the dying tyant king "death comes to us all" or Braveheart himself "everyman dies" & if u believe it will be painless because "o death where is your sting" -Paul the apostle.Ive died before and came back and met rebecca (well it think it was her i was in a hospital and when i saw her i went to open the door and i wsa back on earth and she was gone.Its just one of those things u just know.u know?God is love and He is in love with you!Be careful and be rooted and grounded in love.try bai

apr 18 2014

she wears green alot.she smokes.she really lives,laughs alot.she has a kid.she has an iphone and cant stay away from it.she loves jesus.she has been waiting 4 u her whole life.she could be substituted 4 he.she has an italian background and loves italian food esp carrabas.she listens to everthing spec hiphop.her fav artist is kanye west.u have never met her.shes cool.skinny and bonde.thats all 4 2day!!


a little bible teaching yall!sin is anything not done in faith.faith is the substance of things hoped 4 and the evidence of things not seen. isnt that awesome!"the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN"! OUR CHRISTIAN FAITH IS AN ADVENTURE fam!But even if we have ALL faith without LOVE we have nothing.we owe each other nothing but 2 love each other.all the 10 commandments are summerd up in 2 - to "love God with all your heart soul mind and strength" and the second is like it to "love your neighbor as yourself".Love your enemies.Even sinners love their friends.These three remain "faith,hope,and love."All the rest will pass away.

nov 10 13

if you have any jewish friends and u are trying to convert them they seek a sign.preaching dosent do much with them.Jesus said that Himself.Remember Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.the least among u is the greatest so be humble.watch your back in these last days.there are people that will kill u just for being a christian.dont be afraid to call yourself a "wicken" or "satan" to preserve your life.i have and im sure the lord didnt mind.stayin alive.just like the song.love is the most important thing so do everything out of love.follow love like a wave.catch the fire and remember -- GOD IS EVERYWHERE!!


the last battle has begun.God has prepared each and every one of you to face whatever comes at you in this time of tribulation.wear red.and black neon and camo.eat metal and tread lightly.we are at them.God will judge the quick and the dead.Us vs them.This end time antichrist has the power to raise the dead from their graves and raise up an army the size of the sand in the seashore.We need to forget and forgive all other Narnians and come together as one or we will not survive.No more using what you have been taught to use on the enemy on your brothers and sisters in this struggle.we will survive.we willl win.it is only a matter of time.God is love.Without love there is nothing.


keep going for your goals yall.keep doing what u love but at the same time give them what they want.which might seem wrong at first ..seems logical at first to give them what u like and try to get them to like it.im half speaking to myself here.HERE worlded.new subject - buy the house that is closest to the things u like 2 do.my dad and step mother bought a brn new just being built home in a country subdevision and we lived there happily for a few years.it was and is my favorite place in the whole world.only thing was it was 45 mins to town and sometimes alot longer when the train came.if u realized u forgot something once u got to town u were shit out of luck.eventually they sold the house and bought one in town.it suited them better and it was much easier for me to drive to school nd back.i still miss saddle hill but it just wasnt practical financially and locationally.worst of luck 2 u all!! amy


never give up on your dreams!i saw a base ball bat and a ball and went with it.maryann God has not forsaken u.get married.saw wedding bells.duke your life is on the line.u know what the right choice is.it may be hard.man up and its okay to do it the easy way or your way but it must be done by u or God will raise up someone who will take your place.saw a german shepr i know one named duke and felt led to say the rest.you are all so beautiful and wonderful to Him!!He dances over you with singing!!have you ever danced and sung at the same time?He must be realy happy for us who have inherited eternal life!!if anyone here is wondering what all this means look up.straight up.bow your head.no.not your neck your head.only believe.""-jesus Christ stop pretending and become what u are trying so hard to imitar=te!His yolk is easy and his burden is light!!love yall -amy


consolodate your bills.stop applying for so many credit cards it effects your credit.you love art but are attending law school.quit school and do the art thing.money cant buy happiness.eat healthier and u will loose weight quicker.cut back on the cakes.U CAN DO IT!!just take a look at jared.a girl out there wants to get rid of her virginity.make sure its the right time and the right guy and it will be so special.i say dont have sex until marriage but thats not what people r doing these days.one girl is pregnent and considering abortion.two quotes 4 u no offence quotes "when im in the studio and i get exhausted i thank u marie baker for not getting that abortion i lu u ma" - the game "before i formed you in the womb i knew you" - psalms in the bible


wear what your most comfortable in.you think of yourself as average when your anything but.wrap your gifts.he wants spiderman toys.your look great with or without your makeup.those who lead many to rightousness shall shine like the stars forever.sometimes whats off limits really is good.take your vitamins!man makes his plans but god directs his steps.dont be afraid when he stirs you up and gits you out of your comfort zone!think of it as an adventure.you dont have to do ministry.step out and make your favorite hobby your carreer!He will "bless whatever you put your hand to"!


you're going to have 5 kids.rachel amy jessica joseph and tom.im not trying to name them for you im just feeling led to say those names.they are your favorite names.you're expecting your first child tom.you rarely feel good because people harvest you.dont let them and when u feel empty or crappy jsut say i unharvest myself.her favorite color is red.its all in y0our head.calm your mind and when you feel like youre loosing it reassure yourself by repeating "doing good".keep at it follow your dreams,but sometimes you have to lay them away to follow god;s plans for your life.just never forget your dreams and what you feel best about.peace and love -amy


hello world.one of you wants to go into ministry but its more of a have to than a want to.but you have a dream that is totally in a different direction.build your boat.youre a rockstar.soon you will have that assurance.that anchor of the soul that lets u know for sure that u will be in heaven one day and that this life is fleeeting and falling away.but the next is solid and everlasting.so if u want to come along with us just say jesus is lord and u will be a christian with an eternal life!!one of ufeels like u r a weak person but you are reallly an alpha male.dont let the emons fool ya.they often attack your strenths nd hide them from u to keep u innefected but remember that god loves u and that he is love and u are his beloved son or daughter!


you think you are a weak person but you are acually BOLD.your family dosent want you to know this.they want to harvest you and steal from you and collect your disability pay and get paid for being a busybody.get away from there.move into a christian group home.they will help you fight off your predirial family.you will make friends there and have freedom.the 2 things that are worth more than gold.


when it rains God cries.it is rqining for u now/remember when u are in a tough position that "man makes His plans but God directs his steps".so u cant really go wrong as long as you do something.He has also promised to "bless anything you put your hand to".luke has been doing raps for 7 years and hasnt been signed yet.but he is holding on to that scripture.some would call him foolish i call him brave.play.play ball.remember to respect your elders and "dont rebuke an older man" i use that scripture to say what i wish with a sir on the end of it.hehe.u can burn again.variety is the spice of life.it could end tonight so live like u were dying!!


dont take the alternative or the second best in chasing your dreams.take the highway.even if it takes years never give up!!BUT sometimes you have to put your dreams on lay away to follow what Gods plans for u are.dont give up on your friends too easily.they are human like u and even if they seem to do it on purpose they "know not what they do".but still be vigilant and if someone keeps doing u wrong seemingly purposefully sometimes u do need to end a friendship.just remember "bear with the scuples of the weak but not to arguements over stupid shit".and God is merciful to those who show mercy.


wear a red shirt today and something special will happen to you."red is the color of the gods" -gladiator.someone thinks he is more like comitus when he's more like maximus.the enemy attacks us in our strengths and tries to make them seeem like weaknesses.your strong number is 8.have fun today.persue love it is better than any high.i watched the ending of story of us 5 times last night just to feel loved and it changed my world.love makes everything better.bad santa.shhh dont wake nana.stairway to heaven is his favorite song.you are celebate.god loves you all so much!sory i havent written in forever but ive been so busy with work and all.one more thing - paint.amy


together we'll mend your heart.gOD can do a quick work.no matter how broken your heart is or how fucked up your life is god can fix it!he mde you!your past does not define you its the sum of the past that makes you who you re.trials produce perseverence and perseverence chqracter hope.i hope u al have a great dy.honor the Lord!!you may have signs about someone or something,but remember sometimes God can change his pland.live life.flll in love. get to know yourself and feel good.


do what makes u happy.god has a plan for your life.your life is not meaningless but bound for success.you had a bad experience with  company recently but watch god change it round for good.god put to not all the macanations of the enemy.you met your wife today!!dont worry - it may take a while but things will come together.dont stop your business.a huge opportunity is coming your way.go musik!!!


PEACE SIGN VS NAZI SIGN.SCISSORS BEATS PAPER.your sharp.hi prince.youre on.her favorite color is green.he send u roses for your birthday.if u can get a non name brand item for less go for it.its usuallly the same shit.37.open your heart and let god in.his heart beckons for u.calls for you we need you on our team !!!


scissors beat paper.good will always overcome evil.what happens when you hit the lights?the darkness HAS to go.when JESUS comes back for those who believe it will be the brightest light and we will meet him in the sky.the dead who are in christ will rise first and after that those of us who remain will meet him in the sky.your man will be perfect for you and will change your outlook on love!!cya


black shoes black clothes black everything.backup.start again.try harder this time.u can roll none up.youll have 7 kids.go to your favorite place.the place where u have the funnest stuff to do.there u will find happiness.stqay out of trouble!but if its an unjust law BREAK IT all the time.atall.you keep things together.ou.even though youre the youngest you are the head of the house.own it your just being u.u will go far in life.people are always searching for good leaders.our always ready for anyhting and up for anything.youre sinply a fun person to be around god loves yall peace amy


she's not your fucking property.dont miss your chance to show immediate love.like wheni saw a long lost friend and didnt get up to hug him and he did im sure he felt realy bad.i feel led to sqy that someone will get this chance today.do it for them and yourself.somebody's lerning to play guitar.dont give up you olayed until you fingers bled thats really good.roll one up and spark it for me leasha.1:00 sunday afternoon u r.tami hold on be strong.and if u ahve 2 pull your shotgun.peace


u can break curses over things that satan has put his mark on.there were some dark spots on one of my wall photos and i read them out to say "this belongs to satan" well i broke the curse in Jesus name and the devil that was lurking there flew south. the enemy will flee seven ways"" in the bible.had a demon come out one time - it was making me slow or retarded a little bit but when it came out it was amazing angels came from every direction and destroyed it!what an aewsome battle plan for the aids that can "always see the face of God" and a God who knows all things!!never stop believing in yourself and your dreams.GOD has promised us in His word that He will"bless anything we put our hand to".dont be afraid to do things that might lead to you being rejected.this is to myself as well lately too.but i think back to when i was attending a semester of college at lander u i would do things knowing i would get rejected and come back even stronger."rejection and humiliation are the foundation of my ground" makes u bolder.peace.


there is a new beast but its uglier and stupider looking.so evil.haha whatever bitch!ima kill it slow.ever tasted slow roasted beast! the antichrist does git his power from the beast.but not to worry he's really stupid.the bitch dosent even like musik.give him a chance.a know?u will 2day!drunk in.i love all my sons and daughters.He did miss bullying stan.twitter sends more love than facebook for rappers.today is the best dy because its  new day.we are sheep amongst wolves but do not be afraid.i am with thee


you will meet your soul mate today and there will be no doubt about it.perfect harmony.but be careful dont let it pass you by.there will be other fish in the sea but youll know for sure about this one.but that dosent mean just smile and walk away though.do something sexual if she won approach u touch her arm or tell her come here or just grab her and kiss her if your man enough. or say something like "i'll cum all over you".something she'll remember at night when she's lying in bed alone.someone is on the brink of musikal success.dont give up!youll be signed within a month.your having twins.youll have the time of your life!buy a lottery ticket.peace easy -amers


6 is just a number for you.live laugh rock.zion waits.your not.stop looking at your imperfections and focus on your strengths.it seems hard at first but its very rewarding.wanna feel good?stop eating all that junk food!the healthier u r the better u feel.it was the best HE COULD DO.obedience is always rewarded.abba says hi.u forgot someting.dont panic just look for it and if u cant find it go look for it.u may have left it at the store.you are a king.u r a princess.you are so beautiful.focus on that instead of looking at your imperfections in the miror.peace easy!-amy



something is about to frustrate you but give it a sec and listen to what God tels u.its not as big of a deal now,is it?stop what your doing.just stop and reflect on what God has done for u.i know it seems hard at first but it is VERY rewarding.keep your coool youll be geting in an altercation with 3 guys.dont cower but dont excelate it.stand your ground and let the situation calm down.walk it out.talk it out.to someone heather maybe your parents love you.look at what they could be doing.what they could do if they didnt like you.they mean well.the devil meant well.God will wake u up in time.save the best for last and someone is going to meet that special someone today and dont believe in divorce cause it ant in da cards!!love yall. ; amy


use suntan lotion


green and yellow are her favorite colors.clean up your spot.dont do it.she's not worth it.your somebody.peace to you.the minor fall and the major lift.let the reader understand.u got the holy ghost.god does not give he holy ghost to strangers.its okay to drink coffee to start your day.its not what goes into you that defiles you but what comes out of you.go with cyber power.sin is anyhting not done in faith so its different for everyone.thats why we cant point fingers or judge anyone because just because we believe its wrong dosent mean its wrong for someone else.dont worry about anything pray about everything.i know its a pain at first but then it becomes a habit and you dont worry anymore.love yall be safe amy.and get rady for armageddon's next album "the romance of armageddon".its sick ive previewed the whole thing.i sleep with it on.lata


someone feels like their father isnt very civilized.wha ti fu lost him 2day?would that matter anymore?then dont let it matter now.we love it.someone is loooking at all their junk and negative qualities.dont pay them any mind!focus on your strengths.even if u have to write them down.someone is wonderin.. oh thats for me!u can burn joey.someone is worried that they might be a pussy boy or a chicken man.dont worry about that stupid shit.we ARE weak.HE is strong.the weaker we are the more he can be stronger in us.so consider yourself above the rest.this place is getting so evil.and yall know it.god send jesus.peace;)_


hey hall and hi.i have been gone for a while but im back and thas what counts.someone is struggling with racism.just tell a friend and ask him to pray for you.be sure hes a righteous man.(in right standing with God).someone is thinking of giving up on a dream they've worked so hard for and havent seen the results.hold on just a little longer and you'l be living your dreams.someone has to put his dreams on hold to obey God.please do.youll be glad u did.someone has been thinking about taking a medication called hyalgan.its safe.thats all for today.later amy


with god all things are possible his fav color is greengo on and let it roll.be the leader of your household even if it ends in divorse.you have arush on her.she has red hair. long hair.rosy cheks.keeep training.keep believing.the sky is open.gods answers are always yes and amen.got your oakleys.remeember the triangle.someone feels useless and worthless but the lord says that you are in a cocoon and will emerge as a beautiful butterfly.lata amy


one blacl two white one black and again.sweet girl out there took something wrong that a guy said.dont tkae things so personal.he loves you and didnt mean to hurt you.dont forget your business cards.the tax check is in the mail.2,000 dont give up on your dreams.put all you have into them even if it seems like it will never really be like you dream about just keep pressing on.a mom has a son in jail and is wondering idf she should bail his ass out.bail his ass out!hed be better off anywhere.they get together in there and talk about worse drugs and bigger crimes and become worser people.hit the streets rich.runif u have to.love your enemies.be good to those that hate u.lata amy


hi ive been gone for so llong!ive been helping lou with his new album INDIAN SUMMER.its really sick u should at least listen to a song.itll be for sale on cd baby soon but if u want to buy an album for 9.99 u can email him at thatsmythguy@hotmail.com .its a great looking album.the cd art esp is amazing.its a picture of a sunset in hawaii.anyway his favorite color is green.hes strong or weel built.he has long hair.he plays the piano.he still has some things in his life that need to be worked out before he marries or meets his wife.hes a stranger right now.he enjoys hiking.these can be all for one person or for lots of girls.he's can be she's.youll know which ones are for you.remember god causes everything to work together for good to those who love him.a common phrase is "everything happens for a reason."well thats only half true.god makes it not only a reason but a good reason.watch out and be safe as you drive today.slow down your new red motorcycle around that turn (those) later!amy


THE SUN IS SHINING!ITS A WONDERFUL DAY.keep your head up.lots of people are having problems with money these days.count your pennies.i have a tendancy to buy buy buy and then im like... why dont i have any money left?stick with your job no mater how stupid your boss may be you might just be his replacement one day so strive for that.someone has been training so hard and wants to know if he can fight crime without being a cop.YES u can.just know who your friends are')and be sure to listen.i saw a cop running to punt someones head and god called it off the second he was about to connect.be vigilant and dont start any fights just to get your point across.but yes u can fight crime.the cops are down with citizens arrests.pick room 551.pick the main one.pick the one you know.and of course repent because the time is near.i just say "your it"and they repent.so - your it.later


this world is coming to an end.even scientists are reporting great earthquakes right here in the us.someday your gonna die bro.then where u gonna go?think about the kind of man jesus is.hes never sinned.he's the pascall lamb (spotless) of god.he's a warrior saint.

this place is getting hot as a pot of curry.and he was so afraid the night before they killed him that his sweat became blood.he even asked god if there could be another way.but of course there wasnt.yet when the mob of soldiers came to get him when they asked him are u jesus of nazereth he replied "i am".but God rose him from the dead.he did too.

and the soldiers drew back and fell to the ground.the sheer power of the christ,the messaih proclaiming himself that he is the jesus of naz that he is the lord was enough power to knock many men to the ground.later on jesus told this is the hour and the power of darkness.basically this is the only time that evil will defeat good.so we dont have to worry about that.someone needs to read psalm 25:5.thank u from someon to someone else who didnt get a chance to say it.god is a god of second chances for someone.he loves u for someone else even though u dont feel it its stilll true.walk by faith not by sight.jesusislord.bow to him or just look up and be saved from this shit generation.love yall.amy

30mar11 /2

your number is 324.doing so would be ludacris.benign.out of character for you.but do it any way.follow oyur dreams.find out what u love  to do and hurl yourself into it.give and it shall be given unto you.seek and u shall find.knock on the door and it will be opened.keep seeking keep asking keep knocking.there was an asshole judge in town that lived down the street from some girl and she needed to talk with him about a case with her son.her son was caught in a meth lab and was in jail waiting to be bailed out but she didnt want to bail him out right away because she didnt want him to just end up with the same crowd again.the law stated that he couldnt leave the state.the judge wasnt a cheristian and was a total ass with no friends.but the lady kept comin back and comin back so the judge said \"shit if this bitch worries me to death.. and granted her an approval.keep asking seeking and knocking.laer!- amy")



someone is afraid that their reputation could be ruined.first of all if it is ruined use itas a vacation.move to a different are moving is a big deal to get away i just mean pricey but see this as a vacation from al those people who claim to be your friends cause as far as im concerned - my good friends will ALWAYS be my good friends.someone believes they are unlovable.u are loved!god loves oyu so much ever been in love?his love is infinately greater."be cool and the cool will come to you" - dan hahn.if your going through changes and u dont know which way is up its probably god stirring u up.like rihianna "stir me up"! who wants to tay the same?lata AMY



someone's deformed hand.healed.in JESUSname.you overdidit with someone u realy like and look up to.first impressions are hard to break through spec if the girl thinks your a creep.that word is like your the antichrist to girls today.but dont despair.lay low for a while and then just drop some kind words and nothing more.u should be safe.someone is concerned about demons intheir head.demons have to go if u resist them.useing the word (bible) is the best way.none of us know that whole thing.(cept jesus of whom they say IS the word)i believe they mean he knows every word of it.but its amazing how he will bring people into your life and other ave's to get the word to you right on time.reading the word changes us into the image of christ.you dont have to read alot.just open it like when your at work and u ahve a break.read a VERSE.lata sorry i was on vacation!amy


someone is afraid that they are/could be the antichrist.if you've ever done something for the lord u CANNOT be.it says in the bible (i have worried about this myself) that if u just give a christian a glass of water u shall not loose your reward.that means treasure in heaven because it also says that here on earth theives can break out and steal yo shit but in heaven that is not possible.so if u cant LOOSE your reward... u cant be destroyed.AMEN!!tax check comin soon.spirit says hello.rev is a battle plan.lata


someone is having car trouble.its the radiator.someone wants something but the wife wont let him.be a man.she ant goin nowhere.use pdf form.someone thinks they are ugly but god says your pretty damn fine.bad company corrupts good character.that means if u hang wit the wrong folks it will rub off on ya.matthew you are headed to success,wear all black on your birthday.u will never fall because IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE THAT ''GOD IS ABLE TO MAKE US STAND.wont be long yal.if your wondering how to become a christian just look up or bow our head.beat your breast you ol sinner.i love u! -amy mistique


someone is thinking about quitting their singing career.i heard do not u have a wonderful voice.dont despise small beginnings.someone else feeels like they are not growing in the lord.but what i saw was a mountain with a trail - not leading straight up but going arounnd slowly ascending.your climbing that mountain.but when u look down it dosent seem like ur but ur.and thhats where he has u right now.someone is suicidal.feels like no one likes them and no one cares about them.thats how the devil wants u to feel.but i bet tis not true at all.if u do this you are letting the devil win.jesus is your friend and hes the only friend ill ever need.he is our ever present hope in tim of need.get out of the house.so see a movie or go out to eat or something.lata


hay yall.god be with yall.i had a great day today and i am going to have a better one tomarrow and they just keep gettin better.i wsh that upon everyone:) i never thoughtid see her face.man id liike to see ..someone mised a big chance at something but rest assured that god is a god of second chances.someone is considering a divorce.i heard the lord say try to work it out.in diiff words.forgiveness is sweet.check out luke's new song ring my bell2 its a retaliation to police brutality.cops cops ring my bell cops cops go ot hell.its bittersweet.meant to be plaed LOUD.someone feels driven to give everything away.dont.not unless u feel led to.if u have plans to leave and preach thats awesome but i went through a time where i gave ev and i look back aqnd i want led i was driven.i would do wiered shit like drive around...


this is a dream i had last night.saberwolf from killer instinct (vintage arcade/supernintendo game) was some kind of experiment.we had to evacuate the building like a fire drill.when i looked back into the door at him i caught him playin with his pp.funny dream huh?i wasnt scared at all.and the funny thing is i bought the game from ebay and recieved it yesterday.okay.someone  feels not weak but feeble.the lord will give u inner strength.ask and it shall be given unto u.i used to be afraid of everything.i had this nervous swalow.now its gone and im fearless.so be encouraged and dont despise small beginnings.godis going to use u mightly to break down strongholds of the enemy.i could see a mortal kombat screen and somone saying over and over again ooo ooo oo ooo ooo while u plummit him over and over and over.later


someone is having cpu trouble.u can fix it yourself using internet programs uninstall nortn and reinstall it.u can find na uninstall noroton tol on the net.someone is depressed and suicidal.GOD LOVES YOU.satan wants u to be miserable.ask god why u should live and im sure youll get ananswer.but if u must... have fun doing it.theres a cool movie comin out tomarrow battle for LA r sumthin.do what u can to gain controle of oyur life again.god is going to make you like a tree planted by stilll waters.hes going to bring peace to you.hes going to restore you and bring new things and new people ino your life scott.GOD loves U. shes your fourth wife and your stubborn ass wont change.if u love her humble yourself and tell her your sorry and that she's right even if she's wrong.LATA


someone is thinking about moving.move to charlotte.dont give up.keep praying and believing.we can only do what we can and leave the rest up to god or ebay.whichever one replies first.lol.some girl says i love you/paranoia being healed.if u get a healing the devil will send an illlusion to make u doubt it and loose it.yeah hes a real bastard.so just say something like "its a mirage" and keep going strong.i once pulled a man out of a wheelchair on the side of the road and satan put a guy in a wheel chair wheelikg around in the road popping wheelies and it was clear that this road warrior didnt need the chair.so i doubted that my new friend did either.as SOON as i doubted he started crying out about the pain in his leg coming back.this shit is war yall


"bullets fly and niggaz taught" - tupac.


airplane.jaded about your mode ov travel.no.dont get on the plane.be sure when listening to voices that u know the LORD'S voice and the fathers voice and hg vs satan.some of u know what i mean.a little lesson in voices.while im sane today.the lord speaks in dark brown caps.abba speaks in outlined letters and hg is in white letters.satan fag homo freak satan spea bring it speaks in ugly squigly redish leters and some demons speak in yellow.thats all i know about that.sometimes they speak audibly.i fell asleep in a room full of my friend once and they said the holy ghost spoke directly to them for 30 mins.they dont know it but i was awake.he he.follow your dreams.live oyur dreams.eat sleep and breathe your dreams.dont forget to spend alone time with god.thats the most important thing.LATA


did satan give you a stupid pair of bitch glasses and made u renounce the LORD?i dont know how it works if he made u do it first or if he packed oyur butt or what he did to gget u to make such a STUPID decision but i can tell u this - GOD will give you oakleys.im wearing mine right now.its a party going on down there.which way is down?get me?it ant no party.god loves us all he even sends rain on houssein.buy in bulk.dont cut your hair.your prince is still a toad.thats the latest.laer on love all yall.armageddon


kill 2 birds with one stone.look left.buy in bulk.dont question just obey.everything u put your hand to will prosper.wont be long yall.find out wwhat u love and hurl yourself into it.give and it sahll be given unto you.hit the road.that sweet girl u click with likes u too.its okay to have nice things.just stuff though put your trust in the lord.if u dont know him ask him to reveal himself to you.he will.he is a rewarder of those who tr really hard to find him.go green.thats all for today.love oyu all! - armageddon




pee or leave.if u loose your ring no matter how,even if someone takes it from u,u will get a new one.this shit is forever period.think about how u would feel if someone stole your wife's ring or if she accidentally lost it or even got angry and threw it away.wouldnt u have compassion on her and get her another not withstanding to comfort her as well?i speak in bible terms.wouldnt u hug her and tell her everything will be okay we'll get a new one?someone's stomach is being healed.i snag that.someone has been deaf his whole life and now she can hear.someone feels the energy to get out of their wheelchair.stand your as up.someone is wondering if he she is in.do u like purple?they hate it.its a party going on down there.we have to wake them up yall.step out 2day and ask someone if they know the lord.it gets easier...


someonyou've got to stand for something or youll fall for anything.with god all things are possible.e is wor not they should say somehting to someone and i believe god is saying yes.ondering weather its har for me to read this bc im using my laptop and and the text is so small.so bear with me.someone is considering making their hobby their job but is worried about finances.remember the bible says "anything you put your hand to will prosper.step out in faith and that verse will become a reality for you.i did that years ago and now im able to live and make money without a boss.for someone there is a place for u a t the wedding feast.for someone - when u go fishin this weekend watch for gators.god loves you all US all.get married.i love yall.-armageddon


your pen willl come back to you.call the cops.california.hilton head beach.your money is in the mail.someone thinks they are an x man.first of all if u were u could write him a song or do something mushyand hed ask u back.but just cause u see an x dosnt mean your xded.even if u did something bad.HE has to say it.remember theres NO FLOUT.heaven is a guarantee.we are made righteous by the obedience of jesus.anyone need a healing?i fucking scream at cancer.BE HEALED.a woman's breasts are growing back NOW.someone had a crippled hand.someone is missing their best friend.he missis u too.become a fisher of men.become a Christian.just means a follower of christ.like twitter.follow christ.later armageddon love yall


when i was in college i read a story about a man who passed in the 911 fires.he was one of the firemen.all his buddies said he was extremely alive and copetitive in everything he did.he would watch jepardy and they would say "youve seen this before".well he met a woman named kate who was just as full of vibrance.she would beat him at the free throw line in 21.he used to say to her:"we WON KATE WE WON" that stunned me.i feel like the lord is saying that to all of us today.we won yall.we won.and for someone - congrats your favorite color is green and you are headed to paradice!congrats.love yall.later on.-armageddon


we learn in school that we are optimists or pessimists.like it has already been decided and theres nothing to do about it.i beg to differ.i believe we can choose and that pessimists are just depresses.i say look on the bright side.for someone - when life gives u lemons make lemonaide.do things u enjoynot just work stuff and u might find yourself enjoying your work.hos that for optimism?cindy says hi brad.ans her heart goes to you.someone is depressed bc their valentine didnt give them a gift.they're working on it.be patient.by our patients e posess our souls.wont be long yall.im getting worn out myself.LATA -armageddon 


the first thing i saw was with God all things are possible.so if your going forward towards a goal keep praying and keep knocking on his dooor.or His.also someone feels dry like you used to feel the spirit all the time but now u dont.he has not left u nor is god mad at you.he has taken you this far hasnt he?god dont waste no time.hes moving you from feelings to faith.youll be back in no time feeling the flow but not depending on it.someones been praying for something.god says with a smile baby baby.armageddon.love u all!lata


someone thinks they are banished from going to heaven.have you ever done anything for the Lord or for the sake of the gospel?(the good news).the bible says if u do something simple like give a glass of water for the sake of the gospel u shall not loose your reward.heaven is the only place that we cannot loose our rewards.basically by doing so you would be siding with us.once you side with christ u are a christian forever and you will make it to heaven.i hope this encourages you!-armageddon


stop worrying about what u dont have.god has given us so much.to be thankful for.i have my cpu a roof over my head.a mother who loves me half the time.a family that loves me and will always be there for me.a brother that is the coolest most laid back intellegent awesome fun thoughtful guy.the list goes on.okay here goes.someone is looking for a place to stay.crash at allison's.god is mending a broken heart and he will restore your relationship as you step out in faith to go to her house.mad love yall.pray for me.i need it.-armageddon

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