THE SUN IS SHINING!ITS A WONDERFUL DAY.keep your head up.lots of people are having problems with money these days.count your pennies.i have a tendancy to buy buy buy and then im like... why dont i have any money left?stick with your job no mater how stupid your boss may be you might just be his replacement one day so strive for that.someone has been training so hard and wants to know if he can fight crime without being a cop.YES u can.just know who your friends are')and be sure to listen.i saw a cop running to punt someones head and god called it off the second he was about to connect.be vigilant and dont start any fights just to get your point across.but yes u can fight crime.the cops are down with citizens arrests.pick room 551.pick the main one.pick the one you know.and of course repent because the time is near.i just say "your it"and they repent.so - your it.later

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