keep going for your goals yall.keep doing what u love but at the same time give them what they want.which might seem wrong at first ..seems logical at first to give them what u like and try to get them to like it.im half speaking to myself here.HERE worlded.new subject - buy the house that is closest to the things u like 2 do.my dad and step mother bought a brn new just being built home in a country subdevision and we lived there happily for a few years.it was and is my favorite place in the whole world.only thing was it was 45 mins to town and sometimes alot longer when the train came.if u realized u forgot something once u got to town u were shit out of luck.eventually they sold the house and bought one in town.it suited them better and it was much easier for me to drive to school nd back.i still miss saddle hill but it just wasnt practical financially and locationally.worst of luck 2 u all!! amy

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