someone is having cpu trouble.u can fix it yourself using internet programs uninstall nortn and reinstall it.u can find na uninstall noroton tol on the net.someone is depressed and suicidal.GOD LOVES YOU.satan wants u to be miserable.ask god why u should live and im sure youll get ananswer.but if u must... have fun doing it.theres a cool movie comin out tomarrow battle for LA r sumthin.do what u can to gain controle of oyur life again.god is going to make you like a tree planted by stilll waters.hes going to bring peace to you.hes going to restore you and bring new things and new people ino your life scott.GOD loves U. shes your fourth wife and your stubborn ass wont change.if u love her humble yourself and tell her your sorry and that she's right even if she's wrong.LATA

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