this is a dream i had last night.saberwolf from killer instinct (vintage arcade/supernintendo game) was some kind of experiment.we had to evacuate the building like a fire drill.when i looked back into the door at him i caught him playin with his pp.funny dream huh?i wasnt scared at all.and the funny thing is i bought the game from ebay and recieved it yesterday.okay.someone  feels not weak but feeble.the lord will give u inner strength.ask and it shall be given unto u.i used to be afraid of everything.i had this nervous swalow.now its gone and im fearless.so be encouraged and dont despise small beginnings.godis going to use u mightly to break down strongholds of the enemy.i could see a mortal kombat screen and somone saying over and over again ooo ooo oo ooo ooo while u plummit him over and over and over.later

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