hay yall.god be with yall.i had a great day today and i am going to have a better one tomarrow and they just keep gettin better.i wsh that upon everyone:) i never thoughtid see her face.man id liike to see ..someone mised a big chance at something but rest assured that god is a god of second chances.someone is considering a divorce.i heard the lord say try to work it out.in diiff words.forgiveness is sweet.check out luke's new song ring my bell2 its a retaliation to police brutality.cops cops ring my bell cops cops go ot hell.its bittersweet.meant to be plaed LOUD.someone feels driven to give everything away.dont.not unless u feel led to.if u have plans to leave and preach thats awesome but i went through a time where i gave ev and i look back aqnd i want led i was driven.i would do wiered shit like drive around looking for salvation armys and end up in food lion parking lots trying desperatly to give away clothes.that was satan scaring me and driving me.god never does either.fear is of the devil.god wants u to be secure in his love for U!so keep your shit enjoy it and your liberty in christ to make your own choices!love al amy

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