someone is thinking about quitting their singing career.i heard do not u have a wonderful voice.dont despise small beginnings.someone else feeels like they are not growing in the lord.but what i saw was a mountain with a trail - not leading straight up but going arounnd slowly ascending.your climbing that mountain.but when u look down it dosent seem like ur but ur.and thhats where he has u right now.someone is suicidal.feels like no one likes them and no one cares about them.thats how the devil wants u to feel.but i bet tis not true at all.if u do this you are letting the devil win.jesus is your friend and hes the only friend ill ever need.he is our ever present hope in tim of need.get out of the house.so see a movie or go out to eat or something.lata


Wow March 19, 2011 @12:35 am
Wow bare sick
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