someone's deformed hand.healed.in JESUSname.you overdidit with someone u realy like and look up to.first impressions are hard to break through spec if the girl thinks your a creep.that word is like your the antichrist to girls today.but dont despair.lay low for a while and then just drop some kind words and nothing more.u should be safe.someone is concerned about demons intheir head.demons have to go if u resist them.useing the word (bible) is the best way.none of us know that whole thing.(cept jesus of whom they say IS the word)i believe they mean he knows every word of it.but its amazing how he will bring people into your life and other ave's to get the word to you right on time.reading the word changes us into the image of christ.you dont have to read alot.just open it like when your at work and u ahve a break.read a VERSE.lata sorry i was on vacation!amy

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