pee or leave.if u loose your ring no matter how,even if someone takes it from u,u will get a new one.this shit is forever period.think about how u would feel if someone stole your wife's ring or if she accidentally lost it or even got angry and threw it away.wouldnt u have compassion on her and get her another not withstanding to comfort her as well?i speak in bible terms.wouldnt u hug her and tell her everything will be okay we'll get a new one?someone's stomach is being healed.i snag that.someone has been deaf his whole life and now she can hear.someone feels the energy to get out of their wheelchair.stand your as up.someone is wondering if he she is in.do u like purple?they hate it.its a party going on down there.we have to wake them up yall.step out 2day and ask someone if they know the lord.it gets easier the more u do.or just show them love and watch them repent.its gonna be WORTHit!

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