30mar11 /2

your number is 324.doing so would be ludacris.benign.out of character for you.but do it any way.follow oyur dreams.find out what u love  to do and hurl yourself into it.give and it shall be given unto you.seek and u shall find.knock on the door and it will be opened.keep seeking keep asking keep knocking.there was an asshole judge in town that lived down the street from some girl and she needed to talk with him about a case with her son.her son was caught in a meth lab and was in jail waiting to be bailed out but she didnt want to bail him out right away because she didnt want him to just end up with the same crowd again.the law stated that he couldnt leave the state.the judge wasnt a cheristian and was a total ass with no friends.but the lady kept comin back and comin back so the judge said \"shit if this bitch worries me to death.. and granted her an approval.keep asking seeking and knocking.laer!- amy")

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