somebody is out of work.you have a law degree but the opportunities just arent there.keep pushing!My friends dad had to work @papa Johns to support his family when he was in his fifties!So dont pass up any job.Git money any way u can.Soon the pieces wil come otgether and the picture will be beautiful again.Someone is struggling about self esteem issues.People (in general) say He/she has low self esteem".Mabey u dont have self esteem at all!Self esteem is Gods gift.I just aquired it recently!Wear your blue dress hey i decided it for you!dont trade that truck in jack it up!!Make sure to put God first and one thing and no flout rainbow trout you arre beautiful inside and out you are the apple of His eye!The end is really the beginning to the rest of yall GIT BORN!!Scope your pumpkin & smash ya.talk to the president instead of dissing him if u didnt want him to win & your ideas r better why didnt u run?Cash comin your way 30$ or 3,000$ FLY amy

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