this world is coming to an end.even scientists are reporting great earthquakes right here in the us.someday your gonna die bro.then where u gonna go?think about the kind of man jesus is.hes never sinned.he's the pascall lamb (spotless) of god.he's a warrior saint.

this place is getting hot as a pot of curry.and he was so afraid the night before they killed him that his sweat became blood.he even asked god if there could be another way.but of course there wasnt.yet when the mob of soldiers came to get him when they asked him are u jesus of nazereth he replied "i am".but God rose him from the dead.he did too.

and the soldiers drew back and fell to the ground.the sheer power of the christ,the messaih proclaiming himself that he is the jesus of naz that he is the lord was enough power to knock many men to the ground.later on jesus told this is the hour and the power of darkness.basically this is the only time that evil will defeat good.so we dont have to worry about that.someone needs to read psalm 25:5.thank u from someon to someone else who didnt get a chance to say it.god is a god of second chances for someone.he loves u for someone else even though u dont feel it its stilll true.walk by faith not by sight.jesusislord.bow to him or just look up and be saved from this shit generation.love yall.amy

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