u can break curses over things that satan has put his mark on.there were some dark spots on one of my wall photos and i read them out to say "this belongs to satan" well i broke the curse in Jesus name and the devil that was lurking there flew south. the enemy will flee seven ways"" in the bible.had a demon come out one time - it was making me slow or retarded a little bit but when it came out it was amazing angels came from every direction and destroyed it!what an aewsome battle plan for the aids that can "always see the face of God" and a God who knows all things!!never stop believing in yourself and your dreams.GOD has promised us in His word that He will"bless anything we put our hand to".dont be afraid to do things that might lead to you being rejected.this is to myself as well lately too.but i think back to when i was attending a semester of college at lander u i would do things knowing i would get rejected and come back even stronger."rejection and humiliation are the foundation of my ground" makes u bolder.peace.

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