hi ive been gone for so llong!ive been helping lou with his new album INDIAN SUMMER.its really sick u should at least listen to a song.itll be for sale on cd baby soon but if u want to buy an album for 9.99 u can email him at thatsmythguy@hotmail.com .its a great looking album.the cd art esp is amazing.its a picture of a sunset in hawaii.anyway his favorite color is green.hes strong or weel built.he has long hair.he plays the piano.he still has some things in his life that need to be worked out before he marries or meets his wife.hes a stranger right now.he enjoys hiking.these can be all for one person or for lots of girls.he's can be she's.youll know which ones are for you.remember god causes everything to work together for good to those who love him.a common phrase is "everything happens for a reason."well thats only half true.god makes it not only a reason but a good reason.watch out and be safe as you drive today.slow down your new red motorcycle around that turn (those) later!amy

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