what can touch us?Someone sent me a piece yesterday on Facebook about peace on earth for 100 years wheather it will be 100 or 1,000 the bible says 1,000 but mabey the time has come.But whats with those huge rocks that are stacked on top of each other 1 of the 7 or watever when r those dudes coming back?Mabey God did that as a last reminder to people who dont seem to want to believe.Well heres todays reading.Someone is bulletproof even.I saw bullets thats what I git out of that.Some big guy just repented.Mabey a German.Mabey your from Bahn Germany and no one there really knows about Christ.Well the Apostle Paul who wro wrote 7 odd books of the bible spent 7 years alone with God before even starting to preach so no pressure bud.Took some seed planting (people showing love) so go thank them & fellowship with them.this could apply to anyone anywhere.Yall in Texas I just saw "Texas" & it made me think of the "bheader machine" dont worry little ones He's seen it all.Nothing new can come along and steal ETERNAL LIFE away from us.BELIEVE TO FREEDOM!!

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