airplane.jaded about your mode ov travel.no.dont get on the plane.be sure when listening to voices that u know the LORD'S voice and the fathers voice and hg vs satan.some of u know what i mean.a little lesson in voices.while im sane today.the lord speaks in dark brown caps.abba speaks in outlined letters and hg is in white letters.satan fag homo freak satan spea bring it speaks in ugly squigly redish leters and some demons speak in yellow.thats all i know about that.sometimes they speak audibly.i fell asleep in a room full of my friend once and they said the holy ghost spoke directly to them for 30 mins.they dont know it but i was awake.he he.follow your dreams.live oyur dreams.eat sleep and breathe your dreams.dont forget to spend alone time with god.thats the most important thing.LATA

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