green and yellow are her favorite colors.clean up your spot.dont do it.she's not worth it.your somebody.peace to you.the minor fall and the major lift.let the reader understand.u got the holy ghost.god does not give he holy ghost to strangers.its okay to drink coffee to start your day.its not what goes into you that defiles you but what comes out of you.go with cyber power.sin is anyhting not done in faith so its different for everyone.thats why we cant point fingers or judge anyone because just because we believe its wrong dosent mean its wrong for someone else.dont worry about anything pray about everything.i know its a pain at first but then it becomes a habit and you dont worry anymore.love yall be safe amy.and get rady for armageddon's next album "the romance of armageddon".its sick ive previewed the whole thing.i sleep with it on.lata

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