never give up on your dreams!i saw a base ball bat and a ball and went with it.maryann God has not forsaken u.get married.saw wedding bells.duke your life is on the line.u know what the right choice is.it may be hard.man up and its okay to do it the easy way or your way but it must be done by u or God will raise up someone who will take your place.saw a german shepr i know one named duke and felt led to say the rest.you are all so beautiful and wonderful to Him!!He dances over you with singing!!have you ever danced and sung at the same time?He must be realy happy for us who have inherited eternal life!!if anyone here is wondering what all this means look up.straight up.bow your head.no.not your neck your head.only believe.""-jesus Christ stop pretending and become what u are trying so hard to imitar=te!His yolk is easy and his burden is light!!love yall -amy

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