somebody in fla or hollywood is wondering when they will meet they sig other (wife/husb) n God says "your besstie is still a frog.But He is sending someone into your life to kind of "babysit" so HOLD ON FOR THE RIDE to the love of your life dont worry about it gettting weired God is in control.When I was batteling gird (stomach acid) i choked up so much I almost died.Then i saw the streets of gold beneath my feet!Someones career is soon going to jump from silver to gold in an instant of time.Dont be afraid of death.Everyone dies or as the princess says to the dying tyant king "death comes to us all" or Braveheart himself "everyman dies" & if u believe it will be painless because "o death where is your sting" -Paul the apostle.Ive died before and came back and met rebecca (well it think it was her i was in a hospital and when i saw her i went to open the door and i wsa back on earth and she was gone.Its just one of those things u just know.u know?God is love and He is in love with you!Be careful and be rooted and grounded in love.try bai

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