new truth for yall

okay someone feels lonely but your not alone.not even close.there are so many more like you.You just have to open up in order to find them.I saw a pineapple cut in half.reminds me of the coacoanut on cast away and how alone he musi have felt.Hit up the T place if u really want a change.there were two rivers in a sermon (my fav sermon) but there is another river!!Cancer is gone along with chemothreepy.Who knows what they' doin to bring it back.But who cares two.Beast gone.We can live normal lives now.Tayswift Fran Nathan Jim Ill brawl beside yall any day.War bring peace so let soak it up!!This was the real battle.Praise to the God who was and is and is forever.Adam chose sin Jesus diddnt they were both created rigteous adam listened to satan through His wife Jesus said no to him in fasting.Was donr is done long live the king!!May He be forever praised!!

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